Dance Athletics™

Dance Athletics™ was founded by Christal Shurley in order to combine her passion of dance along with her love of exercise training.  This program is designed for athletes – both amateurs and professionals.  The techniques used in classes are derived from the same techniques dancers use for balance, flexibility, core strength, agility, jump height, and strength.  Injury prevention is taught utilizing proper body alignment techniques and joint stability exercises.  Techniques often utilize the Ballet barre, Bosu Ball, Stability balls, Resistance bands and Medicine balls.  The additional use of Balance discs and Turning boards are used for our skaters.  Christal Shurley has had the priviledge of working with USFSA figure skaters, Professional football and baseball players, Professional Cheerleaders, Professional Ballroom dancers, Beauty Pageant contestants, and kids athletic organizations.  Mrs. Shurley has certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise and National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association.  For more information on sessions both on and off-site please contact Christal Shurley at

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